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Dragon Ball Z Cooler’s Revenge English Dub is one of the best Dragon Ball Z Movie. The title of Dragon Ball Z gives it authority. We all watch different movies, but DBZ rocks. Akira Toriyama has given us such a great thing to enjoy. So why shouldn’t we watch it? Everyone want’s it free. So we are here providing you such a great movie in English. Everyone likes action, and when Goku does it, we just love it.

Watch Dragon Ball Z Cooler’s Revenge English Dub

You’re about the watch the best Dragon Ball Z movie. This film features one of best DBZ villains. So we have to look at the this to get some action. English Dub from FUNimation is excellent.

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General Information:

  • Original Title: Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge
  • Date Released: July 21, 1991
  • English Release Date: January 22, 2002
  • Main Villain: Cooler


Cooler the Frieza’s brother is ready for a revenge on Goku. This movie knows more than me so watch it!

Timeline Placement: These events took place when Goku returned from Namek. Also those 3 years preparation for Androids.

Note: This a 100% Original English Dub from FUNimation. So don’t worry about voices. If you find any bug or not working link, then report.