Privacy Policy

Your privacy has vital importance. Therefore we have created some principles that we follow. Those principles are:

  • Collection: We do not collect any personal information. If we need, then we directly contact you.
  • Sharing: We do not share your personal information if we collected it. We only share in matters of laws and rights.
  • Storing: We do not store your information anywhere on our servers. If we ever store it then probably it’s for an ongoing operation on our site.


Our site doesn’t require any information from the user. All you do is come and play videos. Some people like to comment on pages of our site. The commenting system we use is of Facebook. If the user wants to comment, then Facebook requires them to sign in through Facebook. In that way our site does not store your information, Facebook does.


If the user wants to communicate with us, then he/she uses the contact form. The contact form requires user’s name, email, website, and message. This information is required on every website and it is very common. We never share your personal information with others. If you need a support from us then we surely try to help you.

If you have any questions then contact us right now.