Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Full Movie English Dub


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Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn Full Movie English Dub

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Story: Janemba, the result of pure evil is born. Goku fighting Pikkon is called for help. So it’s up to Goku to defeat Janemba. But soon Goku realizes that even Super Saiyan 3 can’t beat him. So Vegeta comes to help him out. Vegeta in his most dominant form is still no match for Janemba. Goku asks Vegeta to do fusion dance with him. As Vegeta agrees they become the most powerful “Gogeta“! To know what happens next, you must watch the movie.

Timeline Placement: It takes place somewhere near the Majin Buu Arc. As Goku unlocks SSJ3 form and is dead.

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