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Dragon Ball Z English Episodes List

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  • Genre: Adventure, Action, Comedy, Martial Arts & Fantasy.
  • Total Episodes: 291.
  • Total Movies: 13.
  • Specials: 2.


There are total 9 Seasons in Dragon Ball Z. So each of them different number of episodes. Don’t worry because this list is season wise. So let’s get it on!

  1. Season 1 (Episodes 1-39). [Saiyan Saga].
  2. Season 2 (Episodes 40-74). [Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas].
  3. Season 3 (Episodes 75-107). [Frieza Saga].
  4. Season 4 (Episodes 108-139). [Garlic Jr., Trunks and Androids Sagas].
  5. Season 5 (Episodes 140-165). [Imperfect Cell and Perfect Cell Sagas].
  6. Season 6 (Episodes 166-194). [Cell Games Saga].
  7. Season 7 (Episodes 195-219). [Great Saiyaman and World Tournament Sagas].
  8. Season 8 (Episodes 220-253). [Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas].
  9. Season 9 (Episodes 254-291) [Fusion and Kid Buu Sagas].

Dragon Ball Z English Episodes List

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