Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 4 English Dub


Now you can watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 4 English Dub Online on our website. It has finally come after a long wait. Dragon Ball Super is the best anime running currently. As a fan, I love to share English Dub episodes on this site. This way everyone can watch or download. Just because of Funimation we got this English Dub. This time it was out pretty early in comparison with Dragon Ball Z.


Watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 4 English Dub

Title: Aim for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action!


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  • Season: One
  • Arc: Battle of Gods (Total Episodes 14)
  • Original Airdate: 2nd August 2015
  • English Airdate: 28 January 2017

A Quality selector and full-screen button are present for ease. So you can enjoy this episode your way. I always share episodes in HD Quality, because I love it. I’m a real Dragon Ball fan who likes to spread it all over the world.

Note: This episode is 100% Originally Dub from Funimation. Dragon Ball Super is a Production of Toei Animation.